This gold medal winning show garden was designed to provide visitors with ideas they could copy. Built for Living Heritage’s 1997 Thames Valley Flower Show and measuring only 6.2 x 6.2m (20ft x 20ft), it featured vegetables and herbs mixed with cottage garden plants. Rebecca Buck’s abstract water sculpture is set off by ferns planted in the gravel, while a living willow trellis provides an ever-changing backdrop to the garden.
This concept garden built for the Blenheim Palace Flower Show won a silver medal in 2002. It symbolises the passage of time: sunrise to sunset, the rhythm of the seasons, the circle of life. Designed on a diagonal grid with a circular lawn and slate paving at different levels, contrasting with the vertical lines of the cypresses and mirage glass obelisk sundial. The sunrise and sunset colours of the Breckland verbascums were reflected in the picket fence.
This design submitted and accepted for the Chelsea Flower Show in 2006 was intended as a symbolic allusion to the way hearing works.